Ben Nardolilli

Today is Their Creator

Today I learned, I’m in a genre-crossing historical adventure
with a time travelling twist, one lover is leaving (tragic),
another is coming (romantic/erotic),
and in between the masks I confuse their names as I slip on banana peels between their beds (comedy)

Laughter aside, a slaughter ensues, as I look around the bend of granite and steel, to peek under the concrete, no beach, it’s just an opportunity to revisit the fact my office is built on an ancient Indian burial ground (horror/history)

Between that past and the present, the recent past opens up its veins in the gutters, wherein the pre-gentrification junkies howl (poetry)
in and out of tune with falsettos about desolation row (parody),
I applaud, they can’t hear me, I must be in someone else’s machine

Moving Around

I stay out of Seattle, Tacoma,
The whole of the Puget Sound’s bosom,
Someone says I could spoil in Seattle’s Climate,
Portland too, and then Chicago
Thanks to the winters by the lake
Not to mention Los Angeles
Where I would not spoil, but I would bake,
Oh Phoenix, Tampa, and Dallas,
Your air is not for me to breathe or walk in,
Though who am I to ponder
Where I should not travel?
I live in the capital and Washington D.C.
Is no joy in summer,
The air is thick with vapors and metaphors,
Too much humidity and too many fresh lies.

Backdoor Progression

No job, no woman, no house,
and barely any men,
bar after bar, I’m in a Blues song,
bless me for I’ve sinned and grinned.

Not starving yet, not for food
or drink at least,
that time has its chance to come,
it has come to me before.

A moving violation?
I’m sure that’s what I represent,
teachers drag me in
teach a lesson to their students now.

Childlike mouths and hands ask
how to avoid this fate
and all I can do is swivel in place
telling them to agitate and fornicate.

Out of State Disposition

If we can assume a charge, let’s assume a bank robbery. If we can assume a bank robbery, let’s assume he wrote a note saying: bank robbery, no dye.
If he wrote bank robbery, no dye, then we may also admit he drew a picture. Remember the defendant is a failed artist. This is how he would’ve drawn a gun.

And what do we have in evidence? Ladies and gentlemen of the judge and jury we have the note and we have eyewitness testimony stating how he dressed: purple girlish wig, feminine eyeglasses, sultry shades, and a shirt distorted with made up letters and the false curves of breasts. He also stuffed his cheeks.

We have the costume, it’s on exhibition. No pictures, you can handle the fake hair. Remember, the accused’s a failed actor too. It all makes sense, we in the prosecution just need a few small details we can’t place. We admit it’s important to the case. So ask the witness to his face. Where’s the money Nardo, and where’s the bank?